Choosing a Garden Gate For Your Home

There are so many options when choosing a garden gate for your California home that it can be a bit overwhelming. Not only are there dozens of different materials to choose from but styles, colors, hinges, textures, and decorations all play an important part. Plus, you really don’t want a gate that looks just like everyone else’s in the neighborhood, so just grabbing the first thing you see at the home store is really out of the question. So how do you go about picking just the right gate? Here are some important tips.

You Can Get In Your Car And Drive Through Nice Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods where people have a little extra money to spend tend to have a nice selection of front gates as well. These people usually take the time to scour magazines to find gates that match their decor, including the home and garden, making for a nice complimentary match. Just because you have a stone fence doesn’t mean you can’t have a wooden gate, and sometimes that’s the best look.

Another great place to see thousands of gates from all over the world is on Pinterest on the internet. When looking there, it’s best to try and narrow down your search to get the pictures of gates that you’re most interested in.

Or, you can choose by the building materials as well, there are iron gates, wooden gates, vinyl gates, cyclone gates, lattice gates, and hundreds of other styles. When you cruise the neighborhoods, write down your favorite materials so that when you get to Pinterest you’ll be able to get more images of exactly what you want.

Finding The Best Gate Builder In Your California City

Once you’ve chosen just the right one that fits every parameter that you’re after, then you’ll have to find someone to build it for you to your specifications and so that it fits the opening that you have as well. This can be a little difficult, but if you have the nerve, you can knock on the door of the home you where you saw the gate style and ask them who made it.

Otherwise, there are many skilled carpenters that can make gates in California, you just have to find one near you. You can start by running a search on Google, “handmade gates near your city California to get a list of local contractors.

Then, visit each of their websites to see if they have photos of their completed projects to see if they have some like the one you want. Go on some of the independent review sites to read the reviews that previous customers have left to know how satisfied they were with the quality, workmanship, design and durability.

In most cases you’ll be able to copy a photo, either from your camera or from the internet, and send it to the gate contractor to get a rough estimate of the time and money needed to do the job. Of course, since you’ve already read their reviews, you should already have a good idea of the quality of work they do. You should still ask what their guarantee is, how long it’s good for, if it covers sagging, hinges and other parts of the gate as well. You don’t have to accept the first estimate you get, but you shouldn’t always go for the least expensive gate, it should be chosen instead for strength, durability, and beauty.

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