When Should I Clean My Granite Counter Tops? 

granite counter topGranite countertops are a gorgeous addition to any kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor bar area. This durable stone lasts for many years and gives your home an elegant and pristine look. The shiny and smooth surface is easy to take care of when messes and spills occur. This gorgeous surface can begin to lose its luster and shine over time though even if it was installed with a sealant. Over time this protective layer can begin to wear down, making it easier for bacteria, germs, stains, and liquids to get stuck within the porous areas. Granite counter top cleaning may be the best way to keep your granite counter tops looking their best.

Many stores sell granite counter top cleaning solutions. Unfortunately, many of these products cause more harm than they do good. Cleaning solutions that contains harsh chemicals can break down surfaces over time and cause them to appear dull. This can be avoided if you use green certified cleaning solutions that safely remove dirt and grime during your counter top cleaning.

Healthy Benefits

https://www.sunrisechemdry.blog provides a deep cleaning and protecting of your granite counter tops. Your trusted carpet cleaners who also specialize in granite counter top cleaning use the best cleaning solution on the market. The green certified cleaning solution breaks down dirt and removes carpet cleaningbacteria without causing damage to the granite counter top itself. Using a safe and healthy cleaning solution also provides many other benefits when performing your  counter top cleaning.

The natural granite counter top cleaning solution that Chem-Dry uses has been tested by independent laboratories to prove the benefits it has. The granite counter top cleaning in conjunction with a sanitizer removes 98.4% of all bacteria and germs! This makes your home safer and you can rest assure that nothing placed on these surfaces will become contaminated.

This professional cleaning gets deep within the porous surface and removes dirt, build up, germs, hard water and much more. The non-toxic and chemical free cleaning solution does not cause any damage to the granite itself but actually helps keep it in pristine condition.

The Granite Counter Top Cleaning Process

1) The Cleaning

During the cleaning, granite counter top cleaners will use a special brush to remove dirt, grime and bacteria. This brush cleans within every crevice without causing damage to the granite counter top. Harsh scrubbing can cause minuscule scratches that over time will spread and cause splitting. The special brush that Chem-Dry uses has soft bristles that move in a large circular motion and get within the prose dips and cracks of the granite counter top.

2) Clear Residue

Once the cleaning has been completed the residue is then removed. Once the granite counter top cleaning has been done, the dirt is brought to the surface for an easy removal. This is done to ensure that there is no opportunity for the dangerous particles to make their way back into the granite counter top. The cleaning process does not stop there though! At this point the granite is completely cleaned but now it is bare and can still soak up more dirt and bacteria.

3) Sealant

Normally granite counter tops are installed with a sealant on them. Over time this protective barrier wears down and does not protect the porous granite any longer. A new sealant is applied to the granite counter top after the cleaning. This prevents dirt and bacteria from making its way back into the granite. Sealant acts like a thick barrier upon the surface and penetrates into the surface. This will not only make it easier to clean but also keep it cleaner longer! Unlike many other sealants, Chem-Dry’s high quality sealant dries within just 3-5 minutes rather than hours! There is no risk of bacteria entrance or dirt to make its home in the granite because of this.

4) The Final Step- Polish! 

The final step of the is a good polish! Shiny granite counter tops are always the most beautiful and extraordinary. Chem-Dry finishes off their granite counter top cleaning with a polishing to bring back that shine and glisten it once had. Your granite countertops will not only look phenomenal but they will also be healthier and safer for you to enjoy!

Chem-Dry provides wonderful granite counter top cleaning and renewal that will leave your kitchen, bathroom and more looking and feeling phenomenal. It is recommended to get your granite counter top cleaning done every year- year and a half to ensure its life and keep them looking beautiful. Get your granite counter tops cleaned today and love your counter surfaces once more!