The 4 Main Types of Carpets You Can Get From Flooring Shop.

A carpet is a carpet, right? No! There are numerous varying styles, designs and colours to pick from. When planning your room design, keep in mind that chances are you will be living with your selection for years to come. You want your local flooring specialist to pick a carpet that will last for long and remain within your budget. Cheap carpets are ideal for landlords to have to replace flooring in the rental units regularly because of abuse are tenants. As for you, chances are you want a high-quality carpet that will stand the test of time for your house.

Types of carpeting available at flooring shops.

There are 4 primary types of carpeting all with varying benefits and features that you need to consider before settling on one. These are the one that are often available at the flooring shops such as Uniq Floors a popular store in north London and Ox Flooring that has gained a reputation in Oxford. Let’s dive in all available carpets for your home.

  • Textured

One of the best things about textured carpets is that the marks and footprints from the vacuum cleaner will not appear as they do in conventional plush. These types of carpets flooring have different pile lengths that allow them to hide these marked. Also, the textures add visual interest to the room. This can be a detriment or a benefit depending on the design of the room. If you have a lot going on in terms of design, it’s best to pick a style that won’t draw attention away from the rest of the decor. However, if you don’t have a lot of contrasting colours and artwork, a textured carpet style can be an excellent addition.

  • Loop

This is a style whereby the fibres are bent into small loops. It is a very durable and stain-resistant form of carpeting but has limited cushioning and a low profile.

  • Patterned

Some types of carpets have patterns, which feature a design element that needs to work worked into the room’s decor. When picking a patterned carpet with a small design from your flooring shop, you can often work around the design of the room and pick a carpet that matches the rest of the decor. For those that have a large design, it’s best to pick the carpeting first and then design the room around the carpet. Of course, in both cases, you’ll want to ensure that the paint, carpet and other design elements all work in harmony.

  • Twist

Twist carpets are ideally known as frieze carpets. They are ideally textured but are made with an additional twist in the fibres. This usually makes the fibres appear as if they’re kinked. These types of carpets are excellent at hiding foot traffic and vacuuming marks as well.

These should be enough to get going and you can always do your due diligence with your local flooring specialist who can advise on design and other trendy available flooring options in your area.